The Hawaii School of Etiquette

A Message from Our Founder

Proper etiquette is not something you are born with but rather it is something you learn either through formal training or over a lifetime of experiences.  As a professional, I found myself in many formal settings, over the years, where I felt somewhat unprepared and uncomfortable.  After speaking with a number of colleagues and friends, it became evident that I was not alone.  Others also felt that they lacked the appropriate training and experience to easily navigate the various formalities of professional life.  It was because of this that I set out on a mission to become certified in the art of etiquette.  My goal is to share my knowledge and training with those who desire to prepare themselves and have the ability to enter any formal setting with grace, poise and  confidence.  I look forward to sharing and passing on these important life skills to you.

‚ÄčLynn Araki-Regan